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a large tiger walking across a body of water
two lions rubbing their heads against each other in front of a dark sky with clouds
a close up of a lion's face with it's mane curled back
a mother lion and her cub are reflected in the water
Children of the Sun
As above, so below....
a lion and its cub are sitting on the ground in front of some rocks with their mouths open
Cutest baby animals from around the world
This tiny cub cuddled up to its father and gave a big yawn to the photographer at Odense Zoo, Denmark.
a lion rolling around in the grass with its paws on it's back,
Aaaaww... look at the paws... by Daniel Münger ”
three tigers in the jungle surrounded by plants and flowers
Tiger family
White Tigers, Albino Tiger, White Tigress, Magical Nature, Birds Photography, Wildlife Pictures, Nature Tour
15 Exclusive Photos from the Animal World and their Love - BeautyHarmonyLife
a lion cub is playing on top of another lion
Amazing Animal Dads
Lion dads are responsible for the protection and training of their cubs. Fatherhood often includes capturing prey that are too large for their offspring and protecting them from other lions.