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a person holding a sparkler in their hand
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a woman wearing sunglasses with neon lights in the background
Pop Portraits with Neon Light Reflected in Sunglasses
Mathew Guido made a beautiful portrait series entitled Eye Candy. He immortalized women wearing sunglasses, under the colorful neon lights and that it’s reflected in the glasses. A very pop series where bodies and faces are drawn between lights and shadows.
black and white photograph of a woman holding a sparkler in her hand while standing next to a suitcase
Do I have a responsibility to make the whole world beat to my drum?" No, nor could you. You beat your drum, and the Universe will respond to the drum that you are beating… There are as many different worlds being lived by as many different perceivers of the world as there are perceivers of the worlds. -Abraham Hicks
a woman holding an umbrella with lights on it and the words photo above her head
winter wonderland | Tumblr
Snowy Nights
a woman with red light on her face and hair in the shape of a head
Dark Beauty
Photographer: Geoff Jones​Makeup: Mary LiModel: Tayah Mott​
the city street is busy with cars and lights at night, as well as traffic
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Long exposure photography! Beauty!
the city street is lit up with bright lights and blurry cars driving down it
new york drivers
Barry YANOWITZ :: New York drivers :: lanes? we don't need no stinkin' lanes. light trail spaghetti. | Meat Packing District, NY, 2010
the city skyline is lit up at night with lights streaking down it's sides
Bientôt de retour/Back online soon.
A Primer on Long Exposures by Lynne Eodice | In contrast to using fast shutter speeds to freeze action, using long exposures is a very creative means to convey motion in a photograph. A blurred image can be a very impressionistic rendition of movement, giving the viewer a sense of sensation. This will cover blurred motion, panning, zooming your lens during an exposure & capturing streaks of light from traffic at night. Experiment with these simple techniques, & have fun getting dramatic images!
someone is holding their hand in the middle of a bed with white lights behind them
The classy lifestyle.