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there is a plant in a vase on the table with two plates and a napkin
Ваза из гипса, гипсовый декор, сухоцветы, ваза с колбой
there is a vase with flowers in it on the plate and another bowl next to it
four plates with black and white designs on them are arranged in the shape of oval shapes
Поднос из гипса Vase, Ceramic Store, Diy Inspiration, Resin Diy, Handmade Ceramics
Поднос из гипса
Handmade jesmonite trays with a flower design in it.
Jesmonite flower trays
two black and white oval trays with gold paint on them next to some wheat
Tendência Terrazo
three ceramic plates with the words love and a handwritten heart on them, sitting on a white sheet
Collection Art
two white plates with gold splatters on them next to a candle and flowers
Gold foil coaster set. White and gold coasters
many different shapes and sizes of plates on a wooden table with black and white designs
a hand holding up a pink and white animal print paper plate with the words look at this on it