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an image of the heart with labels on it and arrows pointing to different parts in each section
"Heart Labeled" Sticker for Sale by Megan Snider
the anatomy of your brain is shown in this poster
the human brain is labeled in blue and white, with different parts labelled on it
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the brain and its functions are shown in this diagram
This Is Your Brain on Fear (Infographic) | Entrepreneur
Fear affects our brains in very negative ways. First, we must understand how it works, to help make a positive change!
a poster with the words what happens when your brain doesn't sleep?
This Graphic Explains How Lack Of Sleep Can Negatively Affect Your Brain
an info sheet with the words how to read eyes
the science of falling in love poster with information about how to get out of it
Your Brain on Love [infographic] – MeetMindful | A Fuller Life Together
Your Brain on Love [infographic] – MeetMindful | A Fuller Life Together
a poster with the words where do memories live? and an image of a man's head
Mind & Body Information Hub
an info sheet with different types of emotions
The Chemistry Of Emotions
The Chemistry Of Emotions : coolguides