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the front entrance to a home with potted plants and wooden steps leading up to it
DX ARQ, Casa Lagos. Casa de 290 m2 estilo Santa Fe en Guernica, Buenos Aires, del estudio de arquitectura DX ARQ de la arquitecta Matilde González y el arquitecto Adrián Petrone
house front
a living room filled with lots of windows and wooden furniture on top of a rug
Ampelmann: A Workplace Concept that Reflects the Company’s Innovative and Energizing Character
the sun is shining through two windows with colorful light coming in from one window pane
Holographic window film - FunSubstance
a ladder leaning against a wall with multicolored squares on it's sides
ARTE /// Iván Navarro – Junkies’ Promises (Expo)
the plans and elevations of a small cabin
Индивидуальный жилой дом. Примеры подачи 2015г.
an architectural drawing shows the different types of buildings and how they are used to build them
Premiados – Habitação Coletiva – Sol Nascente – CODHAB-DF
the floor plan for an apartment building
Building Designs by Stockton: Plan # 24-2903-3B
the floor plan for an apartment building with three floors and two living areas, including one bedroom
Gallery of Tres Picos 97 / D+S Arquitectos - 30
an open kitchen and dining area with wooden floors, white walls and large mirror on the wall