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an open book sitting on top of a table covered in pictures and writing materials
Scrapbooking Marathon II
genealogy scrapbook ideas | This family history album included photos and scanned documents.
an open book with old newspaper pages on the front and back cover is held in someone's hand
Removing Photos from Old Photo Albums and Scrapbooks
Vintage - children painting a dollhouse - vintage car, stuffed animals, golliwog Retro, Vintage Illustrations, Dolls, Figurine, Vintage, Illustrators, Childhood, Dollhouses, Doll House
La Rentrée
Vintage - children painting a dollhouse - vintage car, stuffed animals, golliwog
Vintage Postcard Vintage Posters, Illustrations, Vintage Cards, Poster, Vintage Valentines, Vintage Postcard
Chez Zezette
Vintage Postcard
an old fashioned kitchen poster with pictures on it's side and the words, what's cooking?
free to use enjoy!!
an old book is decorated with paper and ribbon
Daily Junque Journal
A Creative Operation: Daily Junque Journal...looks like so much fun!
a small patchwork house with flowers on it
tessituras crafts
tessituras crafts
there are many different types of fabric and buttons
Indulge Your Shelf
an old fashioned thanksgiving card with a boy and girl holding a turkey in front of them
Album Archive
Album Archive
a colorful patchwork pillow with buttons on it
there are many different pieces of lace on the floor together, and one is decorated with flowers
My first fabric lace pocket letter
an open book sitting on top of a tiled floor next to another opened book with buttons in it
Fabric amok....I would love to adapt to make a fabric techniques journal@Rachael Hartless
there are many different pieces of quilts on the table top, and one is laying down
Splitcoaststampers : Card Making, Rubber Stamping & Paper Crafting
Photo Album & Scrapbooking Folder - MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS
an altered photo is displayed on a piece of fabric and lace, with the image of a woman's face
Suziqu's Threadworks
Shabby Chic Fabric Journal
an open book sitting on the ground with many pages folded up in front of it
altering thoughts
fabric journal!
a close up of a piece of fabric with buttons on it and some other things in the background
Teaching in NSW
Ro Bruhn fabric journal
an old book with torn pages and laces on the edges, decorated with a portrait of two women
Moments in time
Anina papirčkalnica: Moments in time
an old hat is adorned with lace and beads
My "Romeo and Juliet" fabric journal.
an old box with some stuff on top of it
Front Cover of Fibre Art Journal wrapped in Old Spanish Lace
Front Cover of Fibre Art Journal wrapped in Old Spanish Lace by suziqu on flickr
there are many different types of journals on this page, including one that is made out of old book pages
Immigrant Journals | TEXTILE ART |
Immigrant Journals | TEXTILE ART
a person holding an open book with pictures on it and paper flowers in the pages
A Lady's Diary Junk Journal
How I make a junk request - YouTube
many different types of notebooks are shown in this image, including one with a woman's face on it
Soap Deli News Blog: Creative DIY Lifestyle Blog for Makers
Handmade Journals - For the love of writing as a past time and how to make your own - Soap Deli News
several blue and yellow folders stacked on top of each other with the words concettina written above them
Home - Arte no Papel
/ Arte no Papel, bookbinding
an old book with pictures on the cover and ribbon tied to it's bindings
Scraps Of Time
Travel Journal At The Sea Shore from Scraps of Time (***she sells these in her etsy shop).