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an outdoor market with lots of colorful items
Pisac market, Cuzco, Peru Mais
several baskets filled with different types of beans and grains next to each other on the ground
Tabriz, Iran - Bazar #1
Fascinating Iran -
two boats filled with lots of food on top of a river next to each other
Marché flottant Bangkok
an outdoor market filled with lots of fruits and vegetables
Souk...quelque part au Maroc
an assortment of spices on display in a store
Bazaar Istanbul - Turkei
an assortment of fruits and vegetables on display at a fruit stand with bananas, melons, oranges, pears
Frutas de México, Mercado Valle de Bravo | México Desconocido Foto: Antje Tiedemann
many bags of vegetables are stacked on top of each other
Markets in Bolivia