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an outdoor patio with potted plants and string lights strung over the back deck area
Backyard Ideas For Small Yards To DIY This Spring
String Lights | Backyard Ideas for Small Yards To DIY This Spring
a wooden deck with couches and potted plants on the top level, surrounded by tall planters
Modern Patio | Outdoor Design | Gray Outdoor Furniture | Rooftop Terrace | Outdoor Patios | NYC Condo
a wooden deck with white flowers and candles on the table, next to an outdoor seating area
Roof terrace with decking, artificial level lawn LED lighting design
Garden Builders UK Bench and planter design
an outdoor living room with the words terrace swooning above it
Outdoor terrace with style and string lights? Yes please!
two pictures of an outdoor dining area with wooden pergoline and white table chairs
Creating a Garden Oasis in the City (Published 2017)
A rooftop terrace in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, was turned into an outdoor kitchen by Cara White, who erected a pergola with benches and storage | Creating a Garden Oasis in the City - The New York Times