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a close up of a wall made out of slate blocks with measurements on the side
STUNNING Wall CLADDING | Veneer | Exterior Siding | SmartStoneSystems
Limestone Veneer Wall Cladding | ... wall, insulated thermal cladding,sandstone,limestone,veneer,cladding
an outdoor area with stone walls and steps leading up to the house's entrance
Casa de Pedra / MM++ architects
Casa de Pedra / MM++ architects
the number fifteen is on the concrete wall next to the brick sidewalk and trees in the background
Muros modernos: tipos, modelos e dicas com fotos
Muro moderno de concreto em tom claro para destacar a fachada que vem logo atrás em um tom mais escuro
the entrance to an apartment building at night with lights on and trees in the background
Tecnologia - Revista PROJETO
Tecnologia: Megaporta de bambu em caixilhos de alumínio
a building with wooden panels on the front and side walls, along with green grass
Vilela Florez designs Bamboo House with chevron-pattern exterior in Brazil
an apartment building with stairs leading up to the second floor
For Sale: 518 Van Buren St. #2 in Stuyvesant Heights
a brick building with a metal balcony above it
Mild steel, galvanised, powder coated, bespoke balcony by Bradfabs