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a tall glass filled with white liquid and topped with a pirate ship garnish
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Piña Colada with Captain Morgan® Pineapple Rum
four glasses filled with green drinks and garnished with leaves
Mini mint mojitos in a tall shot glass, wrapped with a leaf and raffia.
chocolate and white russian desserts in glass dishes
Chocolate White Russian
A dessert cocktail recipe everyone will love: Chocolate White Russians. Made with Kahlua, Vodka, Cream, Chocolate Syrup, and garnished wit
an orange sitting on top of a cup with a stick in it's mouth
Gruesome Glasses and Garnishes
Gruesome Halloween Glasses and Garnishes
two glasses filled with drinks sitting on top of a metal tray next to bottles and spoons
garnishes for mimosas - Google Search
a red drink with garnishes in a glass on a wooden table
Cucumber, Rosemary & Cranberry Cocktail Garnish (picture only)
pineapple and coconut drink in glasses on a green tray
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Love garnishing my Captain Morgan Pina Thunder cocktails with the spear of a pineapple.
raspberries are arranged on a white plate with rosemary sprigs in the center
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