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Slowly and deliberately …

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Life Quotes

Need to commit this to memory! quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.

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The best 6 doctors: Sunshine ~ Water ~ Rest ~ Air ~ Exercise ~ Diet ~•~ Nature's Medicine

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The true purpose of zen is, to see things as they are, to observe things as they are, and to let everything go as it goes. (Shunryu Suzuki) image from zen wall art

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Have you ever wondered why you cannot feel happy when you want to? It just seems that the more you are trying to experience happiness in your life, the more unhappiness you attract, right? The quote above might sound very confusing at first because it is. Happiness comes from losing yourself into the present moment. It can comes from enjoying your favorite types of food, feeling... FULL ARTICLE…

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The Best Meditation Chairs for a Silent Mind

♥ Quer transformar a sua vida ? Sente-se em silêncio. "O silêncio é uma fonte de grande força. " Lao Tzu

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KUnf*ckwithable (Adj) When you're truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you. Amen!!

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Taxa de importação de 5 produtos de uso terapêutico cai

Taxa de importação de 5 produtos de uso terapêutico cai More

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The Torus: The Code to the Universe

...soul lesson....