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Yes. It can get so hard, but all you need is someone that's worth enough to get through it all with.

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You're Worth it Yellow Watercolor Art Print by Resilient

You're absolutely worth it baby, everything that I do, is for you. *j


Hes Not Worth It love quotes move on love love quote


do you want to be scared and climb mountains or scared and not climb mountains? the choice is only up to you.

If they knew..... Gucci tho love will come.

The caterpillar has to suffer silently in a cocoon in order to become a butterfly. Change is painful in the beginning but worth it in the end. – Jaykaran Sagar


I keep holding onto the past, what was, what will never be again. It is time. It is time for me to take life to the bare minimums and drive.

SO VERY VERY VERY VERY TRUE! I'm glad I waited for someone who was worth my time and effort. There's a reason why the other possibilities didn't become actual relationships. Because what we have is more than worth the waiting.