wonderwall: someone you cannot stop thinking about; someone you are completely infatuated with

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Because maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me. I could listen to this song on repeat forever and never grow sick of it. Wonderwall(:

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One day soon there will be a straight path to eachother! Pinky swear♥

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Logophile: Wonderwall: Someone you find yourself thinking about all the time, the person you are completely infatuated with

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wonderwall - oasis. will always remind me of the times spent driving around Tempe singing this song at the top of my lungs with one of my very bestest friends of all time...and to this day him and i still text each other every time the song comes on the stereo. Even distance can't keep us apart. #truefriendship

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Definition of Wonderwall

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and maybe... you're gonna be the one that saves me.... Oasis

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"No we didn't date. He wasn't an ex-boyfriend. He was an ex-something. An ex-almost" --true of a few guys for me

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there are many things that i would like to say to you. but i don't know how. - oasis, wonderwall

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