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Wolverines are the largest member of the weasel family, and they look cute but they are fearless! The tiny 35 lb. mammal has been known to take down fully grown wolves and bears, even moose sometimes! The wolverine’s snow shoe like paws allow it to walk on top of deep snow which give the small furry creatures an upper hand in a fight against these larger predators. The wolverine typically resides in the rugged Rocky Mountain Range...

Wolverine-There used to be a show called "The Monroes" where a wolverine was after a pioneer family-I've been scared of these ever since!


So Wolverine's/Logan's real name is James, or...?

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10 Other Animals That Deserve Their Own Week

"Hey guys!!" Wolverines, so elusive they are hardly ever seen.

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US wildlife officials propose endangered status for wolverines

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