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Wayne Thiebaud (b. 1920), Neapolitan Meringue, 1986/1999. pastel over trial proof lithograph

Cakes by Wayne Thibaud @Stephanie Winterquist you should have this print in your house somewhere

One of my favorite paintings by one of my favorite artists. Wayne Theibaud inspired most of my paintings in college. Pictures of this painting can't possibly do it justice.

If I were to collect art, it would all be Wayne Thiebaud. A few prints of his pieces would be perfect in my kitchen :)

thiebaud ice cream | Two Flavors (Ice Cream Cone), Wayne Thiebaud 2003

de hellochelsea

Paintings by Wayne Thiebaud

One of Wayne Thiebaud's amazing cake paintings. Wonderful use of color & texture, those slices are calling my name...

Wayne Thiebaud- love some of Wayne Thiebauds works! Vibrant colors with a good taste of compositional balance.

Todas as obras de Wayne Thiebaud tem "cara" de tarde de Domingo com a família. Divertido, feliz, calmo, e acima de tudo nostálgico...

sparklesandpretending: juicycouture “8 Lipsticks” by Wayne Thiebaud, 1964.