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Welcome to the Northern Water Tribe

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Katara water tribe inspired necklace / Avatar inspired Nation necklaces

Katara water tribe necklace / Avatar Nations by ElementalExplorer, $12.99

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the water tribes are so clever in how they use water and ice

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nadialii: Watching all the episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender right now, and I just had to draw Sokka when I saw his war paint.

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Water Tribe way of living and adapting. More

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Water Tribe Clothes

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Piece I hope to get for my 23rd. I adapted from a couple of designs to make one for me. Subtle yin yang and then the water tribe symbol to represent balance and change.

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focusas: I saw those beautiful pictures X X and thought that they would look good if put together (so i put them together he he :D). I don’t own those pictures they are from pipreyes.. Water Tribe Jon Snow and Fire Nation Daenerys Targaryen. Game of Thrones/Avatar ATLA crossover.

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LOK Water tribe armor by TiaBlackRaven

If Korra had put armor on Naga like Sokka did for Appa More

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