Breed of the week: the versatile Vizsla | Tails Of The City | an blog

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Gordon the Vizsla! ©Csanad Kiss on 500px

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Hungarian Visla - Beautiful - known as The Velcro Visla' for how close they are to their masters

Makes me smile :-) #dog #pets #animals

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Before this picture, I wanted a Vizsla. Now, I must have one. Its decided.

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Puppy running so fast, ears can barely keep up! so CUTE!

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The dog hanging out, like it does best! Brought to you by - Everything for your business

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Flappy-eared guy: "Wow, I'm such a good runner! Look @ me! Look @ me go! I'm like a gazelle! Look how fast I'm running! & it's not easy to run in such tall, unmown grass! But, it's so easy for me! I'm a star! Has anyone noticed me yet? Is anyone filming? Wow, I'm so lucky to be me!"

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maybe the cutest thing i've ever seen...

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