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How to Find True North Without a Compass — Basic survival skills are essential for anyone living off the grid, whether it’s by choice or in a SHTF situation. In the event that you have to navigate without landmarks, technology, or even a compass, you need to know how to find true north.

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12 Genius Rainwater Collection Tips – Yes You Need Them! — If you’re homesteading or prepping, you already know that securing a dependable source of water can be a challenge. When you’re off the grid, or getting ready for the day that we’re all off the grid, Collecting rainwater is a great option, and Survival Life has several tips on safe, efficient ways to do this.

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How To Install Your Own Off The Grid Well — Water is the most essential thing we need for life. With out water we will die within 3 days. Knowing how to install a water well is vital if not the most essential knowledge we could ever have stored in our brain.

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Top Homesteading and Off the Grid Posts of 2016

The Top Homesteading and Off the Grid Posts of 2016, all in one spot, plus the top posts from 2015 and 2014 too!| Homestead Honey

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How To Live Off the Grid - Living off the grid basically means living without the supply of gas, electricity and even water provided by local authorities. In the survival community, most are more concern with short-term ways to live off the grid in cases (EMP, natural disasters, etc) where essential supplies like electricity and water would be unavailable for a short period of time.

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How To Feng Shui Your Home For Better Balance

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Going Off The Grid

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Things You Need to Live Off the Grid

Professional - If I ever have clients in the future that want a sustainable home, all of the information on this graphic will be super helpful.

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43 Off the Grid Hacks

Soda bottles are made of thick material and offer an air-tight seal. You can ensure an even greater shelf-life by adding an oxygen absorber to each bottle.

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Top Tips for Living Off The Grid

Green Electricity Ideas for overall better survival and living off the grid.

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Living without Electricity: How to do without a Refrigerator Off the Grid!

Living without Electricity: How to do without a Refrigerator Off the Grid!

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