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The Top 5 Markets In Kyoto

Beautiful Kyoto, Japan

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35 Photos That Will Make You Want to Travel Sri Lanka

So much amazing nature in Sri Lanka to explore, including the Knuckles Mountain Range

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Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) Basics

Should you get the Japan Rail Pass for your trip to Japan? While it can be an amazing tool, find out why it's not always the cheapest or most convenient option.

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Coisas que você precisa saber antes de viajar para o Japão

você precisa saber antes de viajar pro Japão_coins_Viajando bem e barato

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Castelo de Matsumoto

O emblemático Castelo de Matsumoto. Conheça sua história e importância para a cultura do Japão.... Mais

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What’s It Really Like to Travel Japan?

What’s It Really Like to Travel Japan? | Adventurous Kate

How to Travel Japan on a Budget: There are plenty of ways to experience Japanese culture on a budget. You can order sushi, take a class on bonsai, or read something (anything, really) by Haruki Murakami. To experience Japan in all its manga-loving, high-tech, Asian-Pacific glory, however, you have to go there. And if you need to travel on a budget, you’ll have to do some planning.