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DVD CINE 505 - La vía láctea (1936) EEUU. Dir: Leo McCarey. Sinopse: nunha pelexa rueira Sullivan (Harold Lloyd), un humilde leiteiro, derruba dunha puñada a un boxeador profesional. Ante o posible escándalo o manager do púxil contrata a Sullivan para pelexar contra seis adversarios. É unha oportunidade para alcanzar a fama e de paso facerse cunha boa fortuna.

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Tanabata Star Festival in Hiratsuka, Japan. According to legend, deities Orihime and her lover Hikoboshi, separated by the Milky Way, are allowed to meet only once a year - celebrated with written wishes on colourful strips of paper hung under bamboo trees

Representation of the first large scale release from ESA's Gaia satellite

Via Láctea - Colorama y Glitter Sublime - Impala by Nathalia Toledo


Milky Way May Have Formed From The 'Inside-Out' - Gaia-ESO Data Suggests -


Aurora and the Milky Way Sisimiut, Greenland. Looks like a massive sword being pulled from the earth

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Gorgeous photos of the Milky Way, reflected in the biggest natural mirror in the world

Shot from the crest of the Andes.

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Energy Report ~ (Shift Update) May 2nd, 2016 by Tiffany Stiles

Download do Papel de parede Constelação de Andrômeda: Wallpaper. Constelação de Andrômeda - Papel.DeParede - Baixar os melhores Papéis de Parede para computador e celular

Made of fairy tales and pixie dust - Portrait Commission for cheric0la 14/08/15 Commissions are open :)