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I really like how this has such hard and intense way of showing death with the skull, yet the most delicate way of showing the opposite. Butterflies are so innocent and pure, such a drastic jump from a skull. I think they work really well together in this situation. MT

(Vanitas) - "The Future Eaters'

This is a photographic image, showing what happens when Apples decay. The use of dark background, dark lighting and dark surface that contrasts with the green decaying apple emphasises a sort of death theme in this image. As decay symbolises death.

Edwaert Collier - Vanitas: Still Life with Books and Manuscripts and a Skull (detail)

THE HANGOVER PART II found object sculpture and still life photograph by Cheech Sanchez 2014 #stilllife still life #vanitas Vanitas #skull Skull

de The Art of Manliness

Memento Mori Art

Still Life With a Skull. Philippe de Champaigne Vanitas, 1671. Three essentials of existence: life, death and time.

I often derive a peculiar satisfaction in conversing with the ancient and modern dead, — who yet live and speak excellently in their works...Still Life by Hannah Combs.

UNTITLED still life photograph by CheechSanchez 2014

Vanitas Still-life with Flowers and Insects (2008) | Toru Kamei #skull