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Pocket princess186. Yes! ❤️ RIP Carrie Fisher ... you will be missed.... may the force be with you.

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Don Carlton Cup - Monsters University | Disney Sto ($6.95)

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Disney University - Lilo is the official photographer of the university. By Hyung86

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Hamee Disney Monsters INC Energy tank type Lightweight battery charger 2,900mAh

Hamee Disney Monsters INC Energy tank (if anyone has a spare 78 dollars... ;) )

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Disney University by Hyung86 - PART 3

Disney University by Hyung86 - PART 3

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Mike in Monsters University | He was so adorable!

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Monsters University Poster

I can't wait to see this once it comes out! May not be a kid anymore, but I'm always a kid at heart! Monsters INC 2 #Disney #Pixar #MonstersUniversity

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Because of Disney...

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Disney University Student - Kronk. He is studying cooking and kitchen studies. His favorite teacher is Mrs Potts. Clumsy, muscular, shy and a little foolish, Kronk loves the squirrels and he recruits his friends to be part of his squirrel scouts. He`s also the drummer of the band "The Second Ones."

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Theory on Monsters University. Makes Sense.

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