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Road Bike Skills- The Best 12 Hacks To Stay Ahead of The Pack

Chill out after the ride. But before plan your strategy and what you want to get out of your cycle. Make sure you always do some skills training during your ride and not just work on fitness. Most people neglect to do bike skills- this can be your huge advantage @elscorbs

Nutrition for Half Ironman Training

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Top 8 Strength Training Exercises For Women Triathletes

If you want great results in any sport and in life- you NEED to do strength training. These are the top 8 for triathletes. (Men you need to do these too!)

Take control of your #Ironman Triathlon. Believing in yourself is high octane fuel.


just considering the possibilities

Looks like a shirt Kat would make for me, she is always saying stuff like this to me!



Working on my How to Structure Life with Ironman Triathlon Training Journal. What would YOU like to see? Contact me at!


10 Truths of No-Bullshit Triathlon Training


Bike distances for common triathlon races. Includes Sprint, Intermediate, 70.3, and Ironman