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Pharaohs in The Temple of Luxor, Egypt © Unknown

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Maslow's heirarchy of needs...another way to think about art therapy at various stages of recovery from trauma. #arttherapy

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Leerpiramide van Bales. Deze piramide toont aan hoe wij communiceren en wat er blijft hangen van de communicatie.#communicatie

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.this is why i believe in combi groups if the older children get the chance to explain things to the younger ones they learn the best!

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"Hang on! -- we're goin' down"!... <3<3<3 (Simone Sampò photo)

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Cozumel Mayan Ruins.... I am glad to say I've been there.... It's BEAUTIFUL!

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Visual Workout Guides for Full Bodyweight, No Equipment Training

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kettlebell pyramid workout {20 minute amrap

i recommend using a medium-to-heavy kettlebell; i used a 25 lb kettlebell. you can also use a dumbbell in place of a kettlebell. 50 swings 12 front rack squat + press {6 reps per arm} 12 single leg deadlift + row {6 reps per side} 40 swings 12 front rac

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Reverse Pyramid Workout

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Perfect Pergola

Gardener's Kitchen Garden Trellis from | Shop

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