How to style a side scallop braid. its pretty..but a pretty pointless how tells you to braid into a scallop how on earth are people that don't even know how to braid that well gonna figure out a "scallop shape"...O_o

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12 Beautiful & Fashionable Step by Step Hairstyle Tutorials

How to style a side scallop braid | hairstyles tutorial

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Maybelline Color Show Metallics Nail Polish

Side scallop braid hair tutorial | beauty tutorials

Scalloped braids! I have done this it is so cool! and easy!


Definitely do not want a braid on my wedding, but I like the top part


Tresse floutée de côté

side scallop braid

Pink and White Wire Wrapped Spotted Shell on Black Braided Cord. $15.00, via Etsy.

How to style a side scallop braid | Pinterest Tutorials Uh how about that dress??? Love it!

Scallop braid. Make a classic hunter braid, then pull the braid yarn through every third braid.


Dannielles hair. side scallop braid

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