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So I watched the trailer... HOLY FREAKING SLAG WAS THAT UNICRON???!!!!!?!! HOW ABOUT NOPE!!! I am so excited for this movie. BUT NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED!!!!!

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TF4 Optimus prime fan art by GoddessMechanic on DeviantArt More

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Optimus Prime from Bayverse Transformers - tumblr edit

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First Look at Transformers The Last Knight Official Movie Poster - Rethink Your Heroes

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Autobot and Decepticon alphabets.

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Transformers (2007)

Transformers bumble bee. one of the coolest and funniest guys.

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Transformers Autobots & Decepticons Type Designs Shop for Shirts and Prints

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Not gonna lie, i have a belt buckle like this and I've been saying the same thing for years.

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*Font Evolution : TRANSFORMERS Movies / Bay-verse.

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