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Transformers movie

So I watched the trailer... HOLY FREAKING SLAG WAS THAT UNICRON???!!!!!?!! HOW ABOUT NOPE!!! I am so excited for this movie. BUT NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED!!!!!

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Transformer movies, is one the best robot movies available. so i like it. All the three series of transformers was best. I am waiting for next.

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*Font Evolution : TRANSFORMERS Movies / Bay-verse.

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Transformers: Age of Extinction - Movie Reviews, Movie Rating, Trailers, Posters | MovieMagik

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Ya know, they said bumblebee couldn't talk through anything else except the radio, BUT HE JUST SPOKE NORMALLY, AND THEN WENT BACK TO RADIO!! WTC!!


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As the children laugh and play, megatron looks over. The children look back at him with smiles, megatron sighed.. After a hour of play, a child, younger than the rest and much smaller climbs atop of megatrons hand and looked up. "Do you know any story's?" The small boy asked... Megatron smiled for the first in a long time and than said to the boy "listen as i tell my tale"....

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First Look at Transformers The Last Knight Official Movie Poster - Rethink Your Heroes

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Transformers Movies - Go BEE!!!

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