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Trajes Romanos

Make your own Nefertiti costume

Macedonian Officer in Gedrosia, 325 B.C.

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Roman clothing styles, especially elite men's and women's ceremonial styles were remarkably stable. How one dressed and how well one wore the traditional toga (men) or stola and palla (women) said much about your social status and maturity. A male citizens put on his first toga (became "togatus") at puberty in a special ceremony, and a woman would adopt matronly garb when first married.

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La vestimenta, también se empezó a utilizar para diferenciar el estatus.

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Marcus Antonius - Gaius Octavius - Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

Roman Officer Breastplate, Roman Armor

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Roman Shoes — Discovered between 1979 Roman Shoes — Discovered Between 1979 & 1982 During Archaeological Excavations At Bar Hill Fort On The Antonine Wall. Roman Soldiers Built The Antonine Wall Across Scotland In The Years 139-141 CE.

Torque et Phalerae

Egyptian costume

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