Everything about tom just constantly makes me smile ugh HIS TWO NEW SONGS ARE MY LIFE THX More

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Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton... who knew they'd turn out to be the hotties of HP... well a few of them.

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Happy Birthday... Mr. Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) - Imgur

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Draco Malefoy par Tom Felton, Après

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Tom Felton- Just look at him. Seriously

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Tom Felton - seja como Draco ou qualquer outro personagem que Felton pegue nas mãos o cara dá um banho de talento .

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Tom Felton. when the guy whom everyone hated becomes very attractive, and you can't help but like him now, i'm gonna say that he looks 100 times better with dark hair though. (:

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Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton I always knew I liked Draco better for a reason ;)

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Tom Felton - What is in that Hogwarts water??? -he could be in the outsiders. Ponyboy when he dies his hair in the old church!!

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