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TMNT - Grandpa Splinter by Myrling on DeviantArt

TMNT - Grandpa Splinter by Myrling on DeviantArt

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¡Pero que sexys!!!!

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A Turtle Christmas Carol. Merry Christmas everyone! Raph as Ebeneezer Scrooge, Leo as the Ghost of Christmas past, Mikey as the Ghost of Christmas Present and Donnie as the Ghost of Christmas Future.

Holy Chalupa #tmnt 2012

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tmnt: “After a stint in space, the Turtles being back in the big apple’s real sweet. So is this art by @rockydavies! ”

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Ok let's just stop right there we all know that even as humans these four look hot as hellfire. An also look at April's face I do not think she was excepting that. Master Splinter just looks like a father who wonders what he did wrong which was nothing.

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turtle-sketches-talk: pwpublishing2015: Donatello’s Tradition. a+ tradition

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Early-Morning Food Fight by on @DeviantArt | TMNT 2012

syabon10: “ TMNT/Raph 絵が古い…雰囲気は気に入ってる ”

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Look at those sweet dorks. | Come Get Some

TOO MUCH CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lol I wonder what there looking at though

TMNT 2012<<< Mikey is my 4th favorite turtle in tmnt 2012.(sorry).