Jai Brooks on

the janoskians inspired me to start designing a clothing line and although it's a work in progress, I think it'll be fun if I stick to it

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The janoskians

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The Janoskians Have Arrived: Here's What Happened When We Hung Out with the World's Wildest Group of Guys

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5 Facts About The Janoskians…Aka Why #NotABoyBand Is Trending On Twitter

Click here for 5 Facts About The Janoskians!

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The Janoskians Are Funny Httptcocwqib

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Luke Brooks on

(Type B but tries to stop) (FC Luke brooks) "Hey! I'm Luke I'm 19 and single" I wink "I'm use to get involved in a lot fights but I'm trying to stop. I'm kinda tired of it well anyway introduced yourself if feel like it"

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hahaha for real though!!

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Beau Brooks girlfriend oooorrr maybe jai.... Orrrr Luke.... Oooorrr James Orr…

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The Janoskians are THE HOTTEST Youtubers out there and don't even try and tell me otherwise coz ur argument will always be invalid coz these guys are sexy!

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Funny tumblr comment on the Janoskians photo

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