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5 Cooling Yoga Poses To Help You Beat The Heat

Standing Lunar Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

Get a Big Dose of Korean Culture While You Relax and Avoid the Heat at King Waterpark

Check out this classroom video on Teaching Channel. Teaching Channel is a video showcase-on the Web and TV-of inspiring teaching practices in America's public schools.

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Save On Utilities - When You Can't Turn Down the Heat

14 Ways to Save Money on Utilities - Even When You can't Turn Down The Heat. Lots of good ideas here:

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22 Ways to Stay Warm (Without Turning Up the Heat)

Save money on your heating bill with these tips! Email me if you need any help with your house insulation!!

A unique project for teaching STEM. The heat loss project is a great project for middle school classes to cover how thermal energy moves through homes. Technology in this lesson enhances the learning experience.

Fantastic idea to keep chickens cool in summer: Frozen Ice Pops-Using Mint Helps Beat the Heat

Glenn Frey - The Heat Is On “You can make a break, You can win or lose, That's a chance you take, When the heat's on you…”

Puck-Sized Device Charges Your Phone With The Heat In Your Coffee - OhGizmo! Like this.