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Holliday Grainger as Lucrezia Borgia in The Borgias

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Holliday Grainger as Lucrezia Borgia in The Borgias (TV Series, 2011). Inspiration for Princess Marie's wedding dress

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Arinour Vyshann. Sister of Ivosaar. She was known as "The Red Knight" //*// The Borgias. Giulia Farnese. Lotte Verbeek. Ari, Arij (fragrance) Nour (light)

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Lucrezia Borgia, The Borgias - Costumes from The Borgias would make amazing Shakespeare pieces!

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Teal gown worn by Holliday Grainger (as Lucezia Borgia). The Borgias, television, TV, costume design, textiles,

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Lady Genna Lannister is the daughter of Tytos Lannister. She was made to marry Emmon Frey and has four children with him, or so she claims they are his, no one in Casterly Rock had the courage to ever suggest otherwise, least of all her husband. Genna is the aunt of Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion and took on a maternal role to them after Joanna Lannister’s death. She is also one of the few Lannisters who recognizes Tyrion’s talent for political maneuvering.

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borgias+s01e04+53161.jpg (838×1080)

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The layering of details in this is extraordinary. There are lots of longer shots of the costumes from the Borgias, but I love these close up shots showing raw edges creating fine fringe, soutache braid, etc... all creating lovely texture and depth.

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arlessa arietta of redcliffe; More

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