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The Many Ways Science Has (Wrongly) Assessed Your Personality

Original Rorschach Test. I don't know about you, but the first one looks like a Moblin from Legend of Zelda

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Rorschach Inkblot Test

Plaat iv, : Wizard with ornate cloak billowing in the wind.

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Drawings By Daniele De Batté

<p>I’d like to think of these drawings by Daniele De Batté as a modern day Rorschach test.  In this version, inkblots are replaced with the Italian designer’s graphic and playful minimalis

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Son âme était si romantique que, devant le test de Rorschach, elle ne voyait que des fleurs ! She had such a romantic soul that she could only see flowers in the Rorschach test! White and blue flower print midi dress


Como Fazer Lindos Cartões no Estilo Teste de Rorschach

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Test de Rorschach: ¿Qué ves en la mancha de tinta?

Descubre cómo es tu personalidad según lo que veas en las manchas de tinta. test de Rorschach

Zooids – Les tests de Rorschach vivants d’Aaron Ansarov


The first thing I see is awesome rorschach makeup. I wonder what it means that the second thing I see are either two samurais dueling and hip bones or two women dancing separately and gingko leaves.