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(FC Taylor Momsen) Aria Parker is a Sixth year Ravenclaw. She loves learning new things and takes every opportunity to do so. She's a bookworm and she also loves photography. She has a creative mind and loves to look at things from every angle. She may be a studious person but she has her moments where she falls asleep in class if it's boring. She's also rebellious and does things her way. She listens to people if it's worth her time, if not then she'll let you know. She doesn't put up with…

Taylor Momsen, my new favorite rocker chick. Holy crap, she was cute little Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch but she isn't so cutesy anymore lol. She's so badass.


taylor momsen, inspiration, music, the pretty reckless, fashion, hair, make up


Taylor Momsen the beautiful definition of grunge<3


Ms.Momsen giving me the Mrs.Smith vibe in this picture, rocked up of course