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The first time when I read this quote, I though it was nonsense. For days I try to define this quote, but it was a waste of time. There was a time when I was undecided of what I really wanted in my life. I shoot for the moon, but in my way to reach it, I found myself among stars, I found my place. I want to be a professor, I want to help people who want to learn a new language English/Spanish. I am land among stars, and those stars are My family, friends, and professors, who has help me


Spiritual Battlefield: The first mistake most Christians make is forgetting that they are embroiled in a war for souls. Your life is taking place on a battlefield. The enemy is real, and the sooner we realize that and proactively do something about it, the better off we and our families will be.

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- Definitely my first tattoo - 3 dots means equilibrum between the soul, the body and the spirit, and the trinity. It also represent the mother, the father and the child, so the value of family.


Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten! This was my first tattoo, I got it after some a very stressful time for my family and I. It's a reminder of no matter what happens family is everything.