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Projeto de casa em taipa de pilão vence concurso da Trienal de Arquitetura de Lisboa 2010

28 fachadas em estilo rústico

Pedra, madeira, palha, taipa e tijolos de barro dão um clima natural às fachadas.

De quanta água sua casa precisa?

vaicomtudo Planta-hidráulica-6


Green Style: Rammed Earth House by Rick Joy

Ajijic House | by Tatiana Bilbao | Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico | Constructed using rammed earth, an ancient construction method in which a mix of damp earth and a stabilising agent is compressed into a temporary form-work. A layer of the dirt and cement mixture is first poured into a modular wood formwork and then compacted either manually or with the aid of a pneumatic tamper, leaving the walls with a delicate banded complexion.


Luigi Rosselli Designs 12 Homes Behind A Large Rammed Earth Wall


rammed earth wall section detail. there's something about rammed earth that I love as a building material.


"Blue world" art print by


Roger Boltshauser Architect, is an associate of Martin Rausch (Lehm Ton Erde GmbH, Schlins, AT); apparently he specializes in rammed earth construction; notably, his firm, Boltshauser Architekten, designed the Rauch family home in Schlins,Austria.


Mona Heavy Metal Retaining Wall and Oyster Mausoleum. Project led by Ross Brewin and Kit Wise from MADA (Monash) and created by students. A rammed earth wall to represent the indigenous soils of Tasmania topped with crushed dolerite. Striations formed by recycled concrete, crushed oyster shells and black oxide. When the oysters used to filter the toxins from the Derwent River die they are encased in concrete or resin and inserted into the mausoleum wall. Photo Bo Wong // Design Satellite


rammed earth construction process - Pesquisa Google