Teen Wolf - Scott and Stiles - Sciles>> just kill me with feels why don't…

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Teen Wolf Scott Pack. Kira Yukimura - Fox/ Kitsune, Scott Mccall - werewolf/ true apha, Malia Hale/Tate - werecoyote, Lydia Martin - Banshee, Liam Dunbar - Werewolf/Beta and Stiles Stilinski - Human/ The best. -Bea

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Are you strong like a werewolf or fierce like a kitsune?

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Teen Wolf- Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) "I don't know when we find him we can do a sobriety test and with the alphabet we'll start with F and end with U!"

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Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski) & Dylan O'Brien (Stiles) - Teen Wolf

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"Stilinski, what the hell is wrong with your friend?" "He's failing two classes, he's a little socially awkward, and if you look close enough his jawline is kinda uneven." Lines like this is why I love this show!!

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I love how Stiles is like the Supreme Know It All of Everything despite being pretty much one of the only people without any special ability.

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though Lydia and styles would have made a great couple I kind off like their relationship the way it is right now

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Void Stiles. Honestly the most depressing season of them all so far...

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"Allison Argent | Teen Wolf" by doggielover0202 on Polyvore

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