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Step Up (2006)

Step Up (2006) - Channing Tatum can dance? Why yes, yes he can. And is it a cheesy dance movie? Yes. Is predictable? Yes. Is it fun and enjoyable? Yes. Worth a watch

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Step Up: Revolution (2012)

this is step up revolution if you could buy this movie it would be great please

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Step Up: Revolution (2012)

Step Up Revolution final dance scene. So awesome.

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Step Up 2: The Streets. Why do al the best dance scenes occur in water? *sigh*

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Exclusive Photos and Stills from Step Up Revolution, Starring Hottie Ryan Guzman

Step up 4 Dance Without You

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Step Up All In Final Dance LMNTRIX - YouTube

I l<3ve the "Step Up", music, and a love story, what more do you need ?

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Which "Step Up" Guy Do You Belong With?

Witty, brilliant, and charming as all get out, Moose is the sweet and soulful Step Up man of your dreams. He’d give up dance for you in a heartbeat, but why would you want him to?I got Moose! Which "Step Up" Guy Do You Belong With?

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Step Up

Step up Part 1- Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan met on this movie set. Love the way he loves her.

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For Everyone Who Is Attracted To Moose From "Step Up"

He’s a total romantic, with an eye for the important little details. | For Everyone Who Is Attracted To Moose From "Step Up"

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