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StarGate coverstone by on @deviantART

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Stargate writer explains why (and how) the series should come back to TV!

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You mean you need someone dumber than you are? You may have come to the right place...

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Stargate chevron symbols.... but I wonder which gate they are from because there are slight variations

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this makes me smile so hard: stargate necklace!!!

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It's in French, but I understand it

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Let's start with opening myself up to other the possibility of other worlds (and the wonders of this one, seen through new - sometimes alien - eyes)

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Cause you know she will. Stargate SG-1- oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE Col. Jack O'Neill!!!! sigh

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I think Indiana Jones might have been the first with a gun. Which does not mean that the people who are like this after him are not amazing. Just don't assume it's something new. Although, as this points out I think Daniel wins for weapons. :)

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Note: the number of 'gods' they killed is probably higher, and they didn't kill every 'god' they came across - they didn't kill the Asgard which are 'the Norse gods'. Mehr

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