If I had it to do over, I might just consider the long bouts of the silent treatment as a blessing in disguise! However, I know well from experience how painful it can be.

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This is just the most accurate way to describe how/why the smear campaign begins. So very accurate!!!

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You might be a narcissist if... you take no responsibility for your destructive behaviors that hurt your children and then blame their mom for everything.

Extraído y resumido del blog de Shannon Thomas para víctimas de abuso físico y emocional. #PersonasToxicas #Abuso #Psicopatas #Narcisistas #Maltrato #Mobbing #Acoso #Bullying

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Idealização, Desvalorização e Descarte: as três palavras mais terríveis para qualquer um que já tenha se envolvido no ciclo de uma relação com um sociopata narcisista ou antissocial.

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The thought of this gives me comfort. You and I both know what happened. Stop playing poor me and seeking attention

Narcissists and their put downs and constant criticisms. If they could only see themselves...

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"Children of narcissistic parents are criticized, ignored, and manipulated. We tend to develop an inner representation of the rejecting parent or "internalized critical voice". The person with narcissistic parents feels as if they're harboring a punishing enemy; whereby we can feel such a strong sense of anxiety that it paralyzes us and produces such a powerful guilt that we can easily feel totally worthless." ~This explains so much! #Breakthecycle

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el corazon del narcicista o el placer de recibir a cambio de nada

Narcs always trying to get a reaction, whether it be from being rude, condescending, sarcastic. Their selfishness & entitlement alone is enough to cause strong reactions. He also tries to stuff the kids emotions back inside them, denying them their own feelings & to mistrust their own judgement.

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