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Mais con Hielo Recipe (Mais con Yelo)

Make the Best Mais Con Hielo Recipe (Pinoy Style). Easy to Follow with lots of ingredients.

de Recipe Ni Juan

Beef Salpicao

Beef Salpicao Recipe in Filipino Version

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Palitaw is a Filipino afternoon snack or ‘merienda’ that consist mainly of glutinous rice coated with grated coconut and sugar and sometimes roasted sesame seeds. This flattened sweet rice cake is very chewy and really filling but the best part is, it is really easy to make. This Palitaw recipe is as easy as it can get,...

de Recipe Ni Juan

Mamon Recipe (Filipino Style)

Mamon itself is a very soft cake that is typically sold in bakeries or even in fast-food chains specializing in Filipino cuisine.

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Homemade Embutido

Homemade Embutido Recipe

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Ginataang Mais

The ingredients to make Ginataang Mais are glutinous rice (kaning malagkit), raw or canned corn kernels, water, and sugar.


Golden and crunchy on the outside and filled with meaty hot dogs and creamy…

de Recipe Ni Juan

Beef Mechado

This beef mechado recipe is similar to other Filipino tomato-based dishes as well. Saute onion and garlic into the pan, then add the beef and saute once more until the beef's color turns brownish.


Sweet and satisfying halo-halo, a beloved traditional dessert from the Philippines, is easy to make and is sure to make your day!


Kutsinta - a Filipino dessert, an orange glutinous rice cake topped with grated coconut