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I could make one with a dagos skull

He did have a choice, but it was a really shitty choice and I'm sure most people would have made the same choice.

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Leather Bracer with Throwing Knives

Leather Bracer with Throwing Knives by OwlVsOctopus on Etsy *Knives only on under side and blended in as much as possible so as to go unnoticed

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I want this! Didn't these guys learn from last time Tony was captured and was making a weapon for the bad guys?

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"I drop my sword and cry for just a while, cause deep inside this armor the warrior is a child." | The Maze Runner

1= No todas las reinas tienen corona. 2= No todos los Héroes usan capa. 3 mi favorita= No todos los ángeles tienen alas. 4 mi 2 favorita= no todos los guerreros llevan armadura.

The perfect way to describe Loki, by Tom

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I love this dragon scale shirt!! Would fit Jaelyn well. The knitted part could be leather though, then it would be slightly more badass.

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