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Chief Red Cloud and son Jack Red Cloud - Oglala Sioux circa 1900

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Kicking Bear Sioux Indian Teaches Son Bow & Arrow, Native American

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Lakota Sioux Hunting Dance More

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Oglala Sioux council chief / by Herman Heyn, 1899.

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The Sioux can be found throughout the northern Plains, including North and South Dakotas, northern Nebraska, eastern Wyoming, and southeastern Montana. The arrival of white Americans following the Louisiana Purchase lead to an end to native Sioux life due to the depletion of the buffalo. There are three native Sioux dialects, Dakota, Lakota and Nakota. Biggest and most famous of these is Lakota.

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The Sad Story of the Sioux

white-belly-sioux #BlackElkSpeaks

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Portrait of Crazy Bull, Native American Oglala Sioux, (Lakota) wearing a cotton shirt, hair pipe breastplate, feather headdress, and an animal fur bandolier ; 1899

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Studio profile of Louie, Sitting Bull's son. Hunkpapa Sioux, wearing a war bonnet. Photograph by D. F. Barry, 188?. The pronunciation of Hunkpapa is something like: Hunk - par - per.

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