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#SHINee #1of1

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jonghyun x inspiration

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News about shinee on Twitter

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In a new update on October 1 at midnight KST, SHINee amps up the excitement by releasing a few more cheeky teasers for their latest, retro-inspired comebac

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Awww BTS X SHINEE! that's so cute... I just love to see different bands interacts like this! ( and then we still have fanwars) :/

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lmao I love seeing idols supporting other idols - even more so when they're from different companies!

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[Official/Teaser] SHINee Official Instagram Update 161003 - SHINee (1P) Credit: SHINee.1of1

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SHINee 샤이니_Tell Me What To Do #1and1

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