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Your character is at a restaurant with live music & this guy, Jason Lovett (age 21), just finished preforming for the dinner crowd. When he descends from the stage, putting his guitar into its case, what does your character do? (Do they give him a tip? Complement him? Insult him?)

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Shawn Mendes Updates

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Estrelas Da Mídia,Shawn Namorado,Mídia Social,Pessoas,Música,Muffin Boiiiii,Shawn Mendens,Angry,Hubby

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quelqu'un: J'aime Shawn Mendes Moi: quelles chansons connais tu?Quelqu'un: Juste Stitches

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Shawn Mendes. OMG he's very handsome!!! He looks like he's modeling for like sexy teen vogue

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Shawn Mendes | Luomo Vogue 2016

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Essential Guy Style Rules That’ll Help You Look Taller What a cutie❤

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his teeth are perfect what how << Let me remind you that he had braces.

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