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shane harper.

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shane harper - he is a quadruple threat sing, dance, act and look at him ( yeah that makes four)

My new latest boy craze. SHANE HARPER. Although he stars in Good Luck Charlie, he played brilliantly in the movie God's Not Dead! (which, btw is an excellent film). Plus he's a christian (duh.) :D

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shane harper. Spencer from good luck Charlie

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Shane Harper "Everytime I look at you, the angels sing, I hope you hear them too."

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'Being A Christian In College Isn't Going To Be Easy'

God's Not Dead: A Conversation With Shane Harper You need to click this pic and follow the link to read this article. So awesome!

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God's Not Dead - Shane Harper as (Josh Wheaton) in God's Not Dead the movie coming to a theater near you March 21, 2014 - Pure Flix - Christian Movies - #PureFlix #ChristianMovies #ShaneHarper

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Shane Harper

Shane Harper...this is a picture of epic proportions.

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Shane Harper is best known for playing Spencer, Teddy's boyfriend on Good Luck Charlie and is a Christian, who is starring in the upcoming movie God's Not Dead.

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Shane Harper from Good Luck Charlie

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