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Shadow The Hedgehog by on @deviantART

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Shadow the Hedgehog

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Shadow the Hedgehog

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Shadow the hedgehog sketchy by Kyuubi83256 on deviantART

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Pg. 125-I keep my doubts to myself, telling someone would gain nothing and only cause unease. I'm hoping that I'm just being paranoid. "My assistance no longer seems required at the moment," Shadow says. "I will take my leave now." "Oh," I say, and I'm actually kinda sad. I was warming up to the guy. "Bye. See you later, I guess."

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Shadow the Hedgehog energy | Shadow the Hedgehog (Character) - Comic Vine

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ふもも., 普段むすっとした感じだから吠えてるような表情が描きたくなる もえる

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Shadow the Hedgehog

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Shadow the Hedgehog Powers | Image of Shadow the Hedgehog - Anime Vice

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