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Self harm butterflies! I really need to do this. If not, I'll be the dead butter fly

I don't self harm.... It's so sad to see people self harm, I know what it's like to be sad, depressed, I know! If you guys need to talk go to my Facebook page (I'll post a pin about the page), you can always talk to me! I've never judged or been mean to anyone!


With a passion but I am who I am and im not changing just for you stupid a** opinion so just stop trying to get me to be happy isn't acting enough you don't care anyway..

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All of you directioners are beautiful!! It doesnt matter how you look on the outside... It matters whats on the inside. Stahp self harming yoursleves and be happy on earth!! You only get one life and one chance to live it. So live it while you can. If any of you are going through anything just comment and I will talk to you!! xx I will pray for every single one of you :)

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Self-harming coping skills. ncidence of self-harming have been rapidly increasing. Here are some stop gaps alternative when you or someone you know has the overwhelming emotional need to cut. Kaleidoscope has designed a counseling group to help young girls ages 13 and above who have had past issues of self-harming or who are currently engaging in self-harming behaviors. For more information see our web page:

i normally hate these little 'everyone feels this way' quote posters on solid colours with heavy black font, but this rings SO true.


I don't need someone to kiss my self harm scars and tell me they're beautiful. I just need someone to not panic when they see them.


how to help a self harmer<<< Everyone needs to pin this to their most popular board, please!! This can help save so many lives!!!!