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Day 2: Favorite Companion: Classic Doctor Who: This was a hard one... But, I already have a bunch of Donna, so, here is Sarah Jane, who I do love. She was and remains amazing. (1) sarah jane smith | Tumblr


Sarah Jane has always been a favorite of mine. 10 & Sarah Jane.

From the Timelord's archive.. Doctor and his companions traveling through time and space.


Doctor Who 50th Anniversary round-up: What Whovians can expect for Time Lord celebrations

Elisabeth Sladen with Jon Pertwee after the announcement that she will play Sarah Jane Smith - the Doctors new assistant - in June 1973

"Commission- Sarah Jane Smith" (by T3hb33 on deviantART)


Sarah Jane Smith, Doctor Who cosplay by Alanaowlet

[gifset] Ten and Sarah Jane #DoctorWho

4th Doctor and Romana. Good lord, The Doctor and his TARDIS xD

Doctor Who Art Print

Small...Beautiful Events